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I first learned of the Cane Corso breed in 2000, and over the years I entertained possibly purchasing one. I researched different breeders, and soon realized that fancy websites and slick photography didn't guarantee a quality breeder, or me a quality pup. In early 2005 I was introduced to Jim & Barbara of SirGard. One major concern we had was whether or not we could introduce a Cane Corso into our home with our 6 year old female Yorkshire Terrier. He openly fielded any questions or concerns we had, as well as encouraged us to meet and spend time with his dogs. We took advantage of the offer and did so on several occasions. With the help of Jim and Barb, we chose the puppy we felt would best acclimate to our family. Finally, Jim recommended we introduce the puppy and our Yorkie under his supervision. In the spring of 2007 we finally brought home our beautiful female Cane Corso puppy, SirGard's Princess Coco. She is strikingly beautiful, healthy and unbelievably athletic. Conformation was extremely important to me, (second only to health and temperament) and Coco's build (head, chest, top-line, bite, gait, angulation, etc.) falls well within the breed standard. She is and has always been abundantly healthy, with tight, bright eyes and a gorgeous coat. On multiple occasions, animal professionals (vets, breeders, trainers) have gone out of their way to inquire about her, and who the breeder was. Strangers in public marvel at her beauty and obedient nature. Her temperament is excellent; docile and calm in the house, yet always on alert. As the breed profile states, she is aloof with new people, however never shows signs of aggression. She and our Yorkie get along like best of friends. Coco has been a wonderful addition to our home. She is a steadfast companion and home guardian. We can’t imagine being without her.

Matt & Robin T.



As a single mother I always worried about protecting myself and my son from possible intruders. This is the reason I initially got my Corso from Sirgard. Not only is Gotti the protector of my home and family, he is part of our family. He is a total love and great with my son. Gotti is an impressive dog and we are stopped everywhere we go because of his unique look. I couldn't have chosen any better and Jim Odare has been there for me every step of the way with any questions or concerns I may have had. Thanks so much! 

Heather, Bryan, Matt and Bradley, J.

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